Videographer Cambridge
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Videographer Cambridge
About Us

Questions about us

Q. What type of lighting is needed for the videographer’s camera?

A. The cameras which we have are made for low lighting areas, so extra lighting is not needed. In addition, our software also allows us to brighten up any footage that is still a bit dark.

Q. How will the videographer be dressed for the events?
A. We come dressed in black so we do not stand out.

Q. Do you have sample videos?
A. Yes, we do. This allows us to show you what we have been able to do for other clients.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A I have been doing weddings over 20 years as a hobby and started the business July 2004, full time.

Q. Do you have Professional Quality Equipment, accessories and supplies?
A. My cameras are Panasonic 3CCD digital cameras. We have a PC Computer with software for editing and burning DVD in NTSC or PAL. We also have an Edirol by Roland, Real time Video Editing & Presenter DV-7DL Pro-80.

Q. Do you work with the photographer to ensure mutual cooperation?
A. Yes we do. We work with the photographer as well as the M/C so we are fully aware of the timeline of events so that we capture all the major events, so we do not miss that special moment.

Q. Do you have a written contract?
A. Yes and when a contract is done, we only ask for a 20% deposit. The balance is paid when you pick up your DVDs