Videographer Cambridge
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Videographer Cambridge

Photographs are great, but they only capture one fraction of a second of your wedding day. A wedding video captures the mood, feelings and emotions of the most important event of your life.

Choosing the right wedding videographer can be confusing, however, asking the right questions can clear up any concerns you might have.   If you are solely basing your choice on price, then you may be in for a huge disappointment when your wedding video arrives. Most people are unaware of the time and effort that good wedding videographers spend on filming and editing a video.

Choose a wedding videographer that only uses professional 3-chip cameras for the best picture quality. Make sure that the package you choose includes more than one camera.  This is to ensure that nothing is missed on your day since having more than one camera will make for a more interesting wedding video. Having two or more angles, especially during the ceremony allows the editor to transition between two or more different shots. The result is beautiful.

Make sure that your wedding videographer uses wireless microphones to capture every word that is spoken during the ceremony. What good is having a video if you can't hear your vows?

Your wedding videographer should be someone who is personable and friendly. There is nothing worse than having someone film your wedding that doesn't listen to your needs and is not flexible at all. Ask many questions to be sure that you and the wedding videographer are on the ‘same page’ and that he/she will be a good ‘fit’.

As well as watching a demo video, it is always a good idea to view a full length video of your prospective wedding videographer. Usually the best shots are used in a demo video. The emotional impact is much more prevalent in a demo because it is shorter in length. You'll want to watch a full length video to see if most of it has an emotional impact on you.

If your wedding videographer is creative, he/she will know how to tell your story via the editing process. Does the wedding videographer just film the important moments of your day, or does he/she capture the essence of who you, your husband, family and friends are?

Sometimes a wedding videographer will direct the bride, groom and anyone else in the shot. This is a sign of an experienced person. Most footage of your day will be candid moments, but in creating an elegant video, the directed shot is important and looks simply beautiful in your final video. Stay away from the wedding videographer who only follows the photographer's lead. The photographer shoots stills.... Your wedding video is all about movement!