Videographer Cambridge
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Videographer Cambridge
Dance Recitals

Let us help to make this your Dance studio’s most memorable season ever!

It is wonderful to see how the students progress, both individually and in group performances, refining their skills in the art of Dance.

Recitals and special performances are wonderful events for not only the students and their teachers, but also for the parents, grandparents and special guest who come and watch. Having videos of these special productions are wonderful keepsake for the students, their parents and teachers. It is also an excellent way to promote the Dance Studio and its various Groups.

We at PAS Video Productions are experienced professionals who can capture that moment in time in video. We use 3CCD cameras which have good clarity in low lighting, great colour and quality for a superior product on their DVD. We record to a hard drive during the performance to ensure optimum recording. Providing live audio and video feed to waiting performers via projector and large screen allows them to see what’s happening on stage throughout the performance, if they are waiting in a closed and close by staging area.

Parents and teachers order DVD of the recital which eliminates any production charges to the dance studio itself for the service. We provide order forms so that the orders can be prepaid, with the DVD’s (fill screen format or Widescreen format) ready within 3 weeks of the performance.

We look forward to discussing our service with you, and will be looking forward to your phone call.

Camera set up for Dance Recital Dance Recital Screen and projector set up for live feed to staging area